...In spite of what you've been told, duct tape and
plastic sheeting alone will not do the trick!

In fact, while federal government
officials tell you with straight faces to
stock up and duct tape and plastic

  • Over 80,000 gas masks/emergency hoods are being distributed to Pentagon personnel and Defense Department employees for their protection!
  • A secret, heavily fortified, underground radiation-proof "panic room" is being built in vice-president Cheney's backyard for his family's protection!
  • Smallpox vaccinations are already being given to thousands of federal employees and emergency "first responders" for their protection (while still unavailable to average U.S. citizens like you and me)!
  • Millions of doses of the antibiotic Cipro are being stockpiled by the federal government for the protection of top officials, high-level government employees, the military and the 535 members of Congress and their families!
  • Secret radiation-proof underground installations barely used since the Cold War nuclear threat are now being brought back into full operational capacity for the protection of federal government officials!

Dear Friend,

It's a dirty crying shame, but it's true.

While federal government officials are quietly undertaking massive efforts to protect themselves and their families from the coming terrorist nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on U.S. cities, they tell families like yours and mine to purchase a few rolls of duct tape and some plastic sheeting.

And they do so with straight faces!

Let me assure you of one thing: You can indeed survive the coming terrorist nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on U.S. cities. But duct tape and plastic sheeting alone will simply not do the trick.

A flood of terrorism unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed is about to be unleashed against U.S. cities by Islamic fanatics who are already in this country, and are already armed to the teeth with nuclear (yes, nuclear), chemical and biological terror weapons.

And there is very little time to prepare. The terrorist attacks against U.S. cities are coming sooner rather than later and the federal government knows it!

Introducing Duncan Long's Most Important and Potentially Life-Saving New Survival Manual Ever

That's precisely why I commissioned America's most renowned survival expert Duncan Long to produce his most important and potentially life-saving "how to" survival manual ever.

Titled You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You), this vital and comprehensive new manual explains in clear, concrete, step-by-step language exactly what you need to do now in order to protect yourself and your family.

It covers strategies for surviving virtually every conceivable terrorist attack scenario, including the coming terrorist "dirty bomb" attacks... the unthinkable nightmare of terrorist "suitcase" nuke attacks...blistering chemical agent attacks...and deadly biological (germ warfare) attacks.

And have no illusions about it -- those terrorist attacks are coming quickly, and the U.S. government knows it.

That's why New York City officials have already completed evacuation plans for the entire city...high-tech "sniffer monitors" are hastily being placed in strategic positions throughout 100 major U.S. cities...and FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) is rushing to complete dozens of sprawling makeshift "tent cities" and "displacement camps" in secret locations outside of dozens of major U.S. cities.

(As recently reported by NewsMax.com's Christopher Ruddy, federal contracts for the construction of those camps have already been awarded, and FEMA officials have been pressing the federal contractors to work day and night to complete them!)

But with this absolutely vital new blockbuster manual by noted survival expert Duncan Long, you will have at your fingertips every crucial survival strategy you need right now in order to save yourself and your family when these devastating terror attacks against U.S. cities begi

You'll not only learn how to survive the coming terrorist nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on U.S. cities, but how to avoid ending up as one of the millions of Americans who will soon find themselves being forced into makeshift FEMA "displacement camps" if they somehow manage to get through the horrifying terror attacks alive!

What You'll Learn In This Vital, New and Potentially Life-Saving Manual...​

Duncan Long's You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You) is divided into five vital and potentially life-saving sections.

Each section is like a complete and fully detailed "how to" manual unto itself!

But you get it all in one comprehensive resource right at your fingertips!

In just a moment, I'm going to tell you how to get your hands on a full-length advance copy of this phenomenal new manual at a staggering 50% discount. But first, here's just a small sampling of what you're going to learn...​

Part I: Surviving The Coming Terrorist
"Dirty Bomb" and "Suitcase Nuke" Attacks!​

  • The horrifying truth about the coming terrorist nuclear "dirty bomb" attacks on U.S. cities -- 5 unusual but highly effective strategies for survival!
  • How to distinguish a terrorist nuclear "dirty bomb" blast from a "suitcase nuke" blast or even a conventional nuclear weapon blast -- why knowing these crucial differences is absolutely vital to your survival!
  • How to dramatically minimize the possibility of lifelong health problems following a terrorist "dirty bomb" attack -- specific and commonly available minerals you can take that help offset your body's uptake of radioactive particles!
  • What the news media is keeping hidden from you about the true effects of terrorist "dirty bombs" -- and why you need to know the truth now, before the impending attacks take place!
  • Former FBI director Louis Freeh's frightening admission to Congress that "suitcase nuke's" have indeed been smuggled into the U.S. by Russian agents, and are still hidden on U.S. soil awaiting use by terrorists!
  • Intelligence Update: Osama Bin Laden's known purchases of 20 "suitcase nuke's" from former KGB agents -- how this changes everything in terms of the strategies you must understand if you are to survive the coming terror attacks!
  • Another dirty little secret the feds are not telling you: two and a half TONS of missing U.S. plutonium and no one knows who has it!
  • 3 common myths about radioactivity you must understand before you begin preparing to protect yourself and your family from the coming terrorist "suitcase nuke" attacks -- why failure to understand these 3 specific myths could lead you to make completely worthless preparations!
  • Which areas of the country are most likely to be attacked with "suitcase nuke's" first!
  • Your #1 survival strategy during a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack -- fail to follow this one vital strategy and all other survival strategies are moot!
  • Why you need to sit down with a map right now and calculate the distances between your home and the likely nearest major attack sites -- how to use that vital information to save your life and the lives of your loved ones!
  • How much radiation exposure is safe? (You will be surprised at the answer.) And how much radiation exposure is deadly? (Plus, why knowing this in advance is one of your chief keys to survival!)
  • How to quickly determine your rate of exposure to radiation in the aftermath of a terrorist "suitcase nuke" or conventional nuclear attack, and why this simple mental calculation anyone can make will vastly increase your chances of survival!
  • Why you should protect your legs first if you are unexpectedly caught in the aftermath of a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack (a surprising and unusual survival secret most people don't know)!
  • Secrets of creating a home shelter to protect your family from radiation, and why it need not be expensive. (The radiation being stopped isn't going to care how much your shelter cost!)
  • Secrets of "geometric shielding" -- why understanding this simple concept can save your life!
  • Secrets of "time shielding" -- simple calculations you can make to determine radiation levels in your area at any time after the initial blast!
  • Secrets of "density shielding" -- how to cut your radiation exposure in half almost instantly, and how to calculate how much extra shielding you might need!
  • When a boat (yes, a boat) may be your safest fallout shelter!
  • The one type of geographical area you most definitely do not want to be near if you anticipate a terrorist nuclear attack in the U.S. -- why it is extremely hard to protect yourself in this type of area!
  • How to effectively protect your eyes during the "flash" of a suitcase nuke explosion -- why this one simple yet unusual tactic will make all the difference between having your eyesight or being blinded for life!
  • How to quickly mentally calculate the time from the initial nuclear "flash" to the ensuing "blast" wave which will come afterwards, so you won't be caught by it unprotected!
  • Why it is absolutely crucial to lie with your feet pointed toward the blast!
  • How to avoid getting severe burns from the thermal pulse of a "suitcase nuke" blast!
  • What to do immediately if you are caught out in the open during the initial phase of a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack!
  • Protecting yourself from radioactive fallout - here are the 3 commonsense basics that will save your life!
  • How to quickly mentally calculate the "lag time" from the initial blast to the point when radioactive fallout will reach the ground in your area, so you will know how much time you have to gather family members, find shelter, or even flee the area!
  • 3 specific instances in which you may want to ignore instructions being given by the "authorities" in your area in the aftermath of a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack!
  • Which types of home construction offer the best resistance to thermal damage from a "suitcase nuke" attack...which types offer the least protection ...and why knowing this vital information will significantly increase your survival chances!
  • Why the color you choose to paint your house, and even the color of your curtains, can make a big difference in your home's resistance to thermal damage from a "suitcase nuke" attack!
  • 7 quick, easy and surprisingly inexpensive things you can do to help "thermal protect" your home!
  • 4 vital secrets for protecting yourself and your family from radioactive byproducts in the aftermath of a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack!
  • Protecting your thyroid from destruction by the radioactive isotopes of iodine released in a nuclear explosion -- a simple secret most people don't know (hint: it's not potassium iodide tablets)!
  • A little-known tactic for protecting yourself against the devastating effects of strontium-90!
  • How far you need to be from a nuclear reactor before you can consider yourself outside of the "danger zone" in the case of a terror attack or serious reactor malfunction!
  • Why you can survive a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack without any special equipment other than a dust mask (but why having this one additional specific tool can vastly increase your survival chances)!
  • Radiation detecting equipment -- two more vital tools that will help keep you from making fatal errors in judgement while trying to survive a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack!
  • Understanding the crucial difference between a radiation meter and a dossimeter, and how each of these vital detectors can help you survive a nuclear terror attack!
  • Where to get a high-quality, relatively inexpensive radiation meter and dossimeter!
  • Important instructions for using a dossimeter to determine your total exposure to radiation at any point in time!
  • Protective clothing -- the #1 and #2 essentials you need to acquire now, before the coming terrorist "suitcase nuke" attacks take place!
  • Radiation suits -- their strengths and their limitations; how to use them; where to get them quickly and inexpensively!
  • Going in and out of your protective shelter after a terrorist "suitcase nuke" attack -- personal radioactive fallout decontamination secrets that can save your life!
  • How to make a simple but effective water filter out of a five gallon bucket, so you can remove radioactive fallout from your drinking water!
  • Why you will want to have paper coffee filters on hand for removing radioactive fallout from your drinking water, and how to use them correctly!
  • How to get radioactive fallout out of your drinking water, even if you don't have a makeshift filter!
  • Secrets for sterilizing your drinking water after you've removed the radioactive fallout!
  • Which kinds of foods are safe to eat, and which are not in the aftermath of a nuclear terror attack!

Part II: Surviving The Coming Terrorist Biological (Germ Warfare) Attacks!

  • The two dozen top biological (germ warfare) agents most likely to be used by terrorists and how to protect yourself from being infected -- even if you are at "ground zero" during the coming attacks!
  • What you need to know now to protect yourself against bio-engineered germ warfare agents!
  • Why terrorists can now mount secret biological attacks throughout the U.S. with little fear of capture or retaliation!
  • How to tell when a terrorist germ warfare attack has occurred in your area (7 little-known signs to watch for)!
  • How to spot an anthrax-laden letter or package in the mail -- 12 specific warning signs you should take the time to watch for!
  • 5 important steps to take immediately if you suspect you have received an anthrax-laden letter or package in the mail!
  • A Comprehensive Symptoms and Treatment Guide: You'll learn specific treatment instructions for each of two dozen individual germ warfare agents, plus how to recognize each one by its symptoms so you will know exactly what you are dealing with!
  • Why Cipro is not the best anthrax antibiotic -- here are 3 more prescription antibiotics that are highly effective and far easier to obtain (even from local pet stores)!
  • Complete step-by-step instructions for decontaminating your home -- and areas around it -- of biological agents using simple, inexpensive and easy to find household chemicals!
  • "Decon foam" -- an amazing new break-through decontamination product you simply spray on -- how it works and where to get it!
  • How a simple hair blow dryer can help you effectively decontaminate your skin of biological agents such as fungi, viruses and bacteria!
  • 5 old-fashioned time-tested germ-warfare decontamination tricks that really work!
  • Secrets for using mother nature to decontaminate your family's clothing of biological agents!
  • Why burial of contaminated materials and clothing is not wise -- what to do instead
  • The #1 tool you'll need for decontaminating large areas in and around your home of biological agents -- where to purchase this simple tool quickly and inexpensively (and why you must act before the coming attacks take place)!
  • How to effectively decontaminate small objects such as eating utensils so they can safely be used!
  • Easy and effective ways to decontaminate food and water of biological agents, so they are safe to ingest in the aftermath of a terrorist biological attack!
  • Food storage basics -- make sure you have followed these 7 strategies before supermarket shelves are stripped bare!
  • Food preparation basics during a terrorist biological attack -- how to dramatically reduce your risk of eating infected food!
  • How to safely and properly use tincture of iodine or Clorox bleach to purify water of biological agents!
  • Agri-terrorism -- how determined terrorists can easily devastate this nations agricultural base and food supply, and why they probably will!
  • Why the coming agri-terrorist attacks against our nation's farms will cause massive food shortages nationwide, and the #1 thing you need to start doing NOW -- quietly and methodically -- to prepare!
  • The 11 most likely biological agents terrorists will use to infect our nation's farm animals and meat supply -- how to protect yourself from exposure and infection!
  • How to spot food contaminated by agri-terrorism so you do not ingest it!

Part III: Surviving The Coming Terrorist Chemical Attacks!

  • Why the U.S. government is now preparing for massive terrorist chemical warfare attacks against U.S. cities -- the frightening truth about the unthinkable death and devastation these attacks will cause!
  • Good news about the chemical weapons most often used by terrorists -- why survival is easy, but only if you know these 3 simple secrets!
  • The #1 rule for surviving a terrorist chemical attack in your area!
  • How temperatures and other weather factors affect chemical agents, and why this is vital for you to understand if you want to survive an attack in your area!
  • The one simple household cleaning agent that will neutralize most chemical agents!
  • How to quickly and effectively treat chemical agents that have gotten onto your skin -- 5 more common household products you can use with great success!
  • What doctors need to know about treating the chemical nerve and blood agents most often used by terrorists -- a handy Symptoms Guide and specific life-saving instructions!
  • What all laymen need to know about treating chemical agents; symptoms to watch for and techniques for quickly reducing the effects of exposure!
  • Why mustard gas agents are most likely to be employed in a terrorist chemical attack on U.S. cities -- your best line of protection against mustard agents!
  • The #1 sign to look for if you suspect exposure to a chemical mustard agent -- what to do immediately to minimize the effects!
  • How to accurately detect and identify the various chemical agents by smell!
  • How to identify and treat chemical arsenic agents!
  • The best protective clothing for a chemical nerve agent attack, and the single most important piece of gear you need to acquire now, before an attack takes place!
  • Life-saving protective tips and treatments for chemical blister agents, vomiting agents, choking agents, psychotomimetic agents, tear gas and others likely to be used by terrorists!
  • The 8 most likely toxic agents to be used by terrorists -- how to successfully treat infected family members or neighbors if there are no doctors available!
  • Decontamination procedures for chemical agents and toxins -- the #1 rule for dealing with a chemically contaminated area!
  • The single-best product for neutralizing chemical agents can be found at your local supermarket -- here's how to use it properly!
  • Another common household product that can be used for neutralizing chemical agents on your skin!

Part IV: Gas Masks, Protective Suits & Inexpensive Homemade Decontamination Kits!

  • How to assemble a personal decontamination kit for use after a chemical attack -- 5 simple and inexpensive household products that can literally save your life if you follow these instructions!
  • How to make personal decontamination packets using common household chemicals so you can quickly and effectively clean chemical and biological agents from your skin or clothing!
  • 3 simple tricks for cleaning chemical agents from your skin, hair and clothing without getting sick!
  • The best commercially available protective equipment for dealing with chemical or biological agents -- specific sources and up-to-date contact information you need right now!
  • Ideal gas masks for maximum protection against the chemical, biological or toxin agents most likely to be used by terrorists -- where to get them quickly and easily!
  • Where to get the 3 best gas masks and protective suits for young children!
  • The 3 most important points to remember when choosing a gas mask for adults and children!
  • Pros and cons on 10 popular types of gas masks -- which are best, which should be purchased only as a last option and with great caution!
  • How to spot a defective gas mask before you buy -- 2 specific brands to avoid completely!
  • For men with beards -- why gas masks will leak because of your beard; where to get chemi-hoods so you won't need a traditional gas mask!
  • How to determine the right size of gas mask for the size of your face and head -- simple tips for correct fitting (a matter of life or death)!
  • How to properly clean and store a gas mask so the rubber doesn't crack and start leaking when you go to use it! (Most people completely overlook this vital tactic that could literally mean the difference between life and death!)
  • A simple trick for extending the life span of your gas mask filters, and vastly improving your chances for survival!
  • IMPORTANT: Where to get spare gas mask filters and parts quickly and inexpensively!
  • Simple (but effective) alternatives to gas masks: when some protection is better than no protection at all!
  • Gas mask hoods -- how to use them for added protection, where to get them right away!
  • How you can make a very good protective suit out of common street clothing!
  • Where to purchase high quality protective suits; what to ask for, and what to beware of at all costs!
  • Disposable protective suits -- where to get them quickly and inexpensively; the two specific types of fabric that provide the most maximum protection from chemical, biological and toxin agents!
  • The proper way to fit and don a gas mask with minimum fuss and for maximum protection!
  • What to do if toxic contaminants get on your body before you get your gas mask on -- step by step instructions for remedying the situation quickly and saving precious time!
  • How to know when to change the filter in your gas mask, and how to change it in a contaminated environment if you have to!
  • How to deal with vomit in a gas mask should this occur during a chemical attack -- the quick step-by-step actions you'll need to take in order to survive!
  • How to take medication, eat, or drink with a mask on when in a contaminated environment -- vital lifesaving information you will need to know!
  • Tricks and tactics for donning a protective suit in a contaminated environment -- how to get the suit on quickly and easily without getting contaminants on yourself!
  • Men and Women -- Simple tricks for urinating or defecating safely while in a protective suit in a contaminated environment (absolutely vital information for every member of your family)!
  • How to take injections (whether insulin or other medications, vaccines, or injectable chemical warfare antidote) with a protective suit on when you are in an environment in which you cannot remove the suit!
  • 8 simple steps for safely removing a contaminated protective suit without getting the deadly agents on yourself!

Part V: More Vital and Inexpensive Strategies Designed to Keep You Alive!

  • How to accurately determine when it is wiser to flee a potentially contaminated area, or when it is safer to simply hunker down and remain indoors!
  • Little-known strategies for building a simple but effective protective shelter in case there is no time to flee your area after a terrorist attack!
  • The one common household chemical you will want to keep with you in a simple hand pump spray bottle anytime you must step into a contaminated environment!
  • The danger of suffocating yourself in a room completely sealed with Tom Ridge's now infamous "plastic sheeting" and "duct tape" -- the simple step to take so that you'll have fresh, filtered, microorganism-free breathable air at all times while hunkered down in your safe room!
  • How to choose the right room in your home to turn into a "safe room"; 4 absolutely crucial criteria you must take into account first!
  • 4 handy and inexpensive air purification products you'll want to consider keeping in your "safe room" at all times!
  • How you can set up a simple but highly effective "positive air flow" system in your safe room in order to build up enough positive air pressure to keep biological or chemical agents from seeping in!
  • 3 steps for setting up a simple "decontamination tub" so you won't track chemical or biological agents into your safe room when you exit and re-enter!
  • The absolute best use for the now-infamous "duct tape and plastic sheeting": step-by-step instructions for how to quickly and easily create a pathogen-proof temporary emergency "positive air flow" tent using plastic sheeting and your household vacuum cleaner -- why this could literally save your life in the opening days of the coming terrorist biological attacks!
  • And much, much more invaluable and potentially life-saving information you simply won't find in any other single source, anywhere!

Your Key to Survival...

With a thorough understanding of the tested and time-proven survival strategies revealed in Duncan Long's phenomenal and potentially life-saving new manual, You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You), you'll have at your fingertips the very keys to your survival.

And while others delude themselves that duct tape and plastic sheeting is all they're going to need to survive, you'll already have in place the realistic preparations that will give you and your family maximum protection from the horrifying effects of the impending terrorist holocausts.

As I mentioned earlier, each of these five vital sections are like complete "how to" manuals in their own right -- only you get it all, right at your fingertips, in one convenient and comprehensive resource.

What's more, while others suffer needlessly during the coming terrorist nightmare, Duncan Long's bold new and meticulously detailed survival manual puts at your fingertips the step-by-step emergency treatments you'll need in order to save the lives of any member of your family who might be exposed to nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

In short, every likely form of nuclear, chemical and biological terrorism is thoroughly detailed, and every likely attack scenario is thoroughly covered so you will know precisely what to expect and how to protect yourself!

You'll also learn how to protect yourself from the inevitable public panic that will break out when the impending terror attacks begin to unfold.

Plus, Duncan Long exposes some of the most popular myths about surviving nuclear, chemical and biological terrorism -- myths that, left unexposed, could lead you to make decisions in the heat of panic that would have devastating consequences and could literally destroy your chances for survival!​

But with a copy of Duncan Long's comprehensive and enlightening new manual in your home information arsenal, you'll know exactly what to do under just about any terror attack scenario imaginable!​

Duncan Long's new manual is the result of over 2,000 hours of painstaking research and literally decades of personal security and survival experience.

With nearly 50 books in print (many of which can be found in the libraries of the CIA, FBI, and other federal agencies as well as the private libraries of a number of foreign embassies), and numerous articles on nuclear, chemical and biological terrorism which have appeared in such prestigious publications as The Journal of Civil Defense, American Survival Guide and others, he is one of the most widely read and roundly acknowledged experts in the western world on the subject of surviving terrorism.

His latest volume, You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You) represents the culmination of his vast storehouse of knowledge and expertise on surviving terrorism -- a storehouse you can now tap into!​

This vital and potentially life-saving new manual is the only publication available today that brings it all together in one place so you have everything you need right at your fingertips.​

3 Crucial and Irrefutable Reasons Why You Need This New Manual Now...

Here are three crucial and irrefutable reasons why you need this comprehensive new manual now, before the coming terror attacks against U.S. cities begin...

Reason #1: Terrorist "Sleeper Cells" -- The FBI now readily admits that long before 9-11 highly trained fanatic terrorist "sleeper cell groups" had already infiltrated the U.S. and established themselves on U.S. soil. They have taken normal jobs alongside U.S. citizens like you and me (some even gaining U.S. citizenship for themselves) and have lived what appear to be normal lives in their chosen communities throughout this nation.​

The FBI has been largely unable to penetrate these highly secretive and well-established "sleeper cells". And in spite of the fact that they appear to be perfectly average people, they are in reality highly trained terrorists who are here for one reason and one reason only -- to unleash a flood of horrific terror attacks on U.S. cities when given the command by their terrorist masters!

These fanatics actually believe that the U.S. constitutes "the great Satan" of the end days. Worse yet, they believe with all of their hearts that the more American men, women and children they send to their graves, the greater their position in heaven will be in the age to come!

That's why you absolutely MUST be prepared if you are to survive the coming terrorist nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on U.S. cities. As virtually every expert on terrorism has warned in recent weeks, it is no longer a matter of "if" the terror attacks will take place, but "when" and "how".​

With Duncan Long's extensive new manual at your fingertips, you'll be prepared for every contingency. Only this blockbuster new manual gives you the step-by-step "how to" survival skills you need to know in order to stay alive during the coming terrorist nuclear, chemical and biological attacks on U.S. cities!​

Reason #2: Terrorism Against America Is Now "Forever" -- The terrorist threat against U.S. cities is NOT going to vanish with the capture or demise of Osama Bin Laden. On the contrary, it is just beginning!​

We now live in a whole new world unlike anything American citizens have ever had to deal with. And with millions of hardcore Islamic fanatics around the world who believe "America must die", terrorism is now FOREVER. You can no longer sit around hoping this will all just go away someday. It won't.

That's why you must learn how to protect yourself and your family as quickly as possible. Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are now in jeopardy literally every single day. You can choose to remain ignorant of the simple, highly effective and low-cost life-saving strategies available to you (and risk the horrifying consequences of your inaction). Or you can learn how to prepare NOW, and experience the incredible peace of mind in knowing that your family is safe and secure and you are ready for all contingencies.

This is what Duncan Long's You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You) will do for you, because you will have at your very fingertips the vital, life-saving survival strategies you and your family will need over the weeks and months directly ahead as terrorist "sleeper cells" already established on U.S. soil begin to unleash their dastardly and ungodly plans to attack U.S. cities with weapons of mass destruction.

Reason #3: You're Literally On Your Own -- The federal government is simply NOT going to teach you how to survive the coming attacks. Though various departments of the federal government are making extensive preparations for their own safety and survival during the coming terrorist nuclear, chemical and biological attacks, average Americans like you and me are being left out in the cold.

We are being told to survive with nothing more than duct tape and plastic sheeting! The fact of the matter is this: the federal government already has their hands completely full fighting the war against terrorism on multiple foreign fronts. Rather than establishing government-sponsored "educational centers" around the country to teach citizens how to survive (as nations like Israel, Australia and many western European nations have already done), they are instead pumping billions of dollars into FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to prepare the nation for the devastating aftermaths of the coming terrorist onslaughts.

This is why huge FEMA "displacement camps" and "tent cities" are being rushed into existence at locations outside of major U.S. cities even as you read this letter. This is why plans have been drawn up to suspend portions of the U.S. Constitution so the nation's military can be used to "enforce the peace" (read: enforce the quarantine of entire U.S. cities) and "clean up the dead and dying."

And this is why you absolutely must take responsibility for your own life and the lives of your family members, and learn the simple but effective low-cost strategies needed to survive during the dark days directly ahead.

The bottom line is this: those who prepare in advance stand the greatest chances of survival. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

But if you truly understand the cruel and completely evil nature of the terrorist threat at hand, you know you must act now to prepare, before it is too late.

And Duncan Long's You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You) is simply the quickest, most effective and comprehensive source of life-saving "how to" information on this topic available anywhere, at any price!

That's why a copy of Duncan Long's vital and comprehensive new survival manual should be found in every American household. Families should read it together and act as a team to put into practice the simple life-saving strategies and inexpensive preparations it reveals.

There is nothing else like it anywhere, at any price!

But the unfortunate truth of the matter is this: All too many Americans are like deer frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car. They have been bombarded by news media "talking heads" with so much useless chatter on the subject of terrorism that they literally don't know which way to go or what to do.

If you have friends or loved ones that fit this category, you certainly understand why it is now so vitally important to get your hands on a copy of Duncan Long's blockbuster new manual, You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks on U.S. Cities (In Spite of What The Tell You) right away.

Educating yourself and your family should be your highest priority.

This is why we have gone to such extensive lengths to have Duncan Long produce this dynamic and comprehensive new survival guide. But most importantly, it is why we are going to make you a very special one time only money-saving offer so you can afford to purchase additional copies for friends, family members and loved ones who simply may not yet know what to do in order to prepare, or who may not even realize that potentially life-saving information like this is available.

How to Get an Advance Copy of This Blockbuster New Manual at a Steep Discount (And Save Even MORE When You Purchase Additional Copies for Friends and Family!)

During the course of this strictly time-limited special offer you can get a full-length advance copy of this powerful new manual at an incredibly steep discount, and save even more when you purchase additional copies for friends, family and loved ones.

Duncan Long's You Can Survive the Coming Terrorist Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Attacks On U.S. Cities (In Spite of What They Tell You) has been designed to sell, with limited distribution, for only $199 per copy (but you'll get if for a fraction of that cost see below).​

And it is well worth every penny of that $199 price tag, because it has been specifically designed to function as a unique "crash course" in highly effective survival skills and inexpensive advance preparations which you, in turn, can teach to every member of your family.

You can even teach friends and loved ones, or neighbors and local groups you may belong to.

In short, every copy of this phenomenal new manual that makes its way out to the American public is designed to save not just dozens but hundreds or even thousands of innocent lives.

There is simply no way to put a price tag on that.​

But our goal is to get as many copies of this powerful new life-saving manual into the hands of as many American families as possible over the course of the next few weeks, before the terror attacks begin.

That's why, for the next 15 days only, we are offering full-length advance copies of the manual at a steep discount to its regular limited-distribution price of $199.

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