How to Survive Today's Era of Strange Diseases
With Your Health and Immune System Intact

Today, the world is rapidly becoming a dangerous place to live.

Modern society is awash in a tidal wave of threats from "Swine Flu" (i.e., H1N1)..."Bird Flu" (SARS)....West Nile virus..."Mad Cow" disease...viral "poxes" such as shingles, herpes and the new monkeypox...

...Not to mention AIDS...chronic fatigue syndrome...Epstein Barr... cytomegalovirus ...Lyme disease...virtually incurable hospital acquired infections...mutating pathogens...drug-resistant bacteria...flesh-eating microorganisms...infected meats, vegetables and fruits...killer strains of TB (now reaching epidemic proportions in our major cities)...and a host frightening new 

diseases being brought into this country by a flood of foreign travelers and immigrants (transferable to you by an innocuous sneeze or cough from an infected individual) --

-- and most sobering of all is the fact that even the most optimistic of experts admit the infectious disease problem in this country is going to get a lot worse before it ever gets better!

Making the World a Lot Safer Place to Live!

But The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual makes the world a lot safer place to live for you and your family. It gives you the practical, completely do-able solutions you need right now in order to protect yourself in the face of today's growing plague of potentially deadly infectious illness and disease. Please understand that this blockbuster new 252-page manual is not a re-hash of the usual "eat right and take your vitamins" theme. Nor will it turn you into a bacteria-phobe or a hypochondriac. Instead, it is two important manuals in one:

First, it is an eye-opening expose' unlike anything you've ever read. It reveals the suppressed story of how modern medical science has unwittingly opened a Pandora's Box of virtually uncontrollable infectious illness and disease that now threatens mankind with the most tragic loss of life since the Black Plague of the 17th century. You'll learn who's largely responsible for today's growing tidal wave of infectious illness and disease, how it happened, how they've kept the truth so well hidden (until now), and most importantly, what you can do to protect yourself.

Secondly, The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual brings you the very latest cutting-edge research on realistic methods you can use to effectively stave off many of today's most deadly microorganisms and infectious diseases -- without the use of harmful antibiotics, chemicals or drugs...without becoming a recluse ...and without resorting to unproven remedies or "quack" cures..

It brings you brand new information on simple, proven ways to boost the strength and vitality of your immune system many times over. It shows you new methods for literally reversing age-related immune system deterioration. And it brings you full details on the proven new all-natural solutions and cures that in many cases work better than antibiotics to protect you against infectious microorganisms and disease. You'll learn the latest scientific data on a number of phenomenal life-saving remedies and cures, including how and where to get them for yourself inexpensively, and without a prescription!

Additionally, The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual reveals the hidden, little-known reasons why age-related immune system deterioration is now so widespread. You'll learn the dirty little secrets you're not being told by your doctor, or even by government health authorities who are sworn to protect your health. And you'll discover many of the things you are unwittingly doing to damage your own immune system, and how you can repair most of the damage yourself, before it's too late.

Gives You A Decided Advantage Over Everyone Else...

In short, The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual gives you a decided advantage over virtually everyone you know in regards to the latest techniques for protecting yourself and your family in this "Era of Strange Diseases," and for turning your body's immune system into a nearly impenetrable shield against illness, disease and infectious microorganisms. For example, you'll learn...

  • How your favorite pain killer can cause you to become infected with the deadly flesh-eating bacteria -- what to take for pain instead!
  • Why the common belief that the "war on infectious diseases" could be won has now been shattered -- the true story the health authorities have yet to go public with!
  • The shocking inside story of how contaminated vaccines given to over 98 million Americans are now unleashing many of today's most destructive diseases, and what you must do now to protect yourself, your children and other family members!
  • How a deadly cancer-causing virus ended up in the vaccines given to millions of American children -- why many health and medical experts are now turning against vaccinations altogether due to such serious contamination problems
  • Today's frightening new drug-resistant TB threat -- why even the government admits TB is now out-of-control again in major U.S. cities...3 vital precautions to take for maximum self-protection!
  • Why the world's leading expert on retro viruses doesn't believe HIV causes AIDS -- what really causes it, and why you need to know this vital information that's being suppressed by the medical community!
  • How the reckless over-use of antibiotics has caused the vast majority of today's problems with deadly bacteria ...why so many disease-causing pathogens are now virtually invulnerable to drugs...and what many experts now use instead of antibiotics to help stave off disease-causing bacteria and cure infectious illness and disease!
  • These 4 drug-resistant pathogens found in many common foods quietly infect up to 30 million Americans annually causing serious illness, disease, and even death -- what the government isn't telling to keep yourself, your family and your food supply safe!
  • How the human immune system really works -- and why knowing this vital information could save your life!
  • A simple, sure-fire way to make sure your tap water is not poisoning your immune system.
  • This chronically overused food additive contributes to a dramatically weakened immune system -- why you need to quit using it now!
  • The epidemic of hidden infectious bacteria in all uncooked meat -- what the TV show Dateline discovered -- how to prevent deadly e. coli infection and salmonella food poisoning in two simple steps!
  • The hidden parasite danger in fresh fruits and vegetables, and the common sense solution for protecting yourself and your loved ones!
  • Why your home ventilation system may be wreaking havoc on your immune system -- the very best anti-microbial and anti-pollution filtration systems to use in your home and office.
  • The hidden danger in your humidifier -- how to protect yourself against unexpected infection.
  • How to prevent Legionnaire's Disease from striking in your home or workplace.
  • The very first thing you should do when you feel a cold or flu coming on if you are more susceptible than most people -- how this strategy can knock most upper respiratory infections out in one day!
  • This powerful, all-natural "immunity hormone" is so safe and effective the foot-dragging FDA approved it for public use in record time. It reverses age-related deterioration of the immune system, protects against viral infections, reverses chronic fatigue, and helps prevent heart disease and cancer to boot! Here's where to get it...
  • The powerful plant extract that cleanses your lymph glands and dramatically increases your body's ability to trap and destroy infectious bacteria and viruses -- where to get it, how to use it!
  • 3 more powerful plant extracts in the presence of which no known infectious microorganism can live (yet these all-natural substances are completely safe for your body)!
  • Rub this amazing anti-microbial plant extract onto your skin when you have to visit a sick relative or work in an office where someone has a cold or flu -- yes, it will help protect you from becoming infected!
  • Spray this unique all-natural substance throughout the room of any sick friend or family member, and it will neutralize all infectious microorganisms within 30 minutes!
  • The amazing "oxygen pill": Originally developed for NASA astronauts, it literally saturates your bloodstream with life-giving oxygen and destroys disease-causing viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites on contact. It also boosts the immune system, speeds recovery from illness and disease and relieves chronic sluggishness -- plus, it's completely safe, and you can get it without a prescription (but you've got to know where)!
  • This inexpensive extract from the cedar tree literally kills bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms on contact. Plus, it promotes tissue healing, and returns infected wounds to normal in half the usual time. Here's the best source in America for this unique, germ-killing substance your doctor has probably never heard of...
  • This special formulation of two herbs and a concentrated grapefruit extract is quietly being used in hospitals to flat-out cure deadly infections that antibiotics couldn't touch. Doctors are using it on the "Q.T." because they fear retribution from the medical establishment. Learn what it is and where to get it for your own use!
  • This unique formulation of four herbs has been used for centuries by North American Indians to boost the immune system and cure numerous forms of cancer. It is so effective the formula was snapped up by a major medical company and has since been kept hidden from the public. But you'll learn the simple, proven formula in its entirety!
  • Science Digest calls this substance "Medical science's most effective germ-killer ever." It was the top cure for infectious disease before the advent of modern antibiotics -- and it still works like crazy, yet few people know about it today! Here's where to get it, and how to use it...
  • Parasites and immune system malfunction: Learn how to tell if your health problems are being triggered by these disease-causing critters that now infect tens of millions of Americans, and discover the little-known all-natural remedy recently developed by a famous doctor!
  • Research shows this powerful natural herb boosts your body's white blood cell count and rapidly stimulates you immune system. Your grandmother probably used it to stop serious bronchial infections and even pneumonia in its tracks. You can too! Here are the details...
  • This easy-to-find Chinese herb was recently praised by the American Cancer Society for its astounding immune-boosting properties. Taken daily, it increases the body's ability to kill infectious micro-organisms and fortifies the immune system
  • Simply breathing in diffused particles of this powerful plant extract significantly boosts the human immune system and literally slaughters infectious microorganisms in the body. In use since the time of Moses, doctors are only now catching on!
  • Traveler alert! Beware the new epidemics of malaria, dengue fever and dengue shock syndrome when you travel to the Caribbean, Central America or Mexico. Here's how to protect yourself.
  • The cryptosporidium parasite -- the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has labeled it "the leading infectious disease of the coming decade." Here's the most effective protection modern science has to offer...
  • Campylobacter infection -- the hidden epidemic that secretly afflicts millions of Americans. How to tell if you have it, how to stop it from spreading, and how to get rid of it for good!
  • Stress and the immune system -- new ways to keep your stress levels down and your immune system up!
  • Confidential for Women! How douching raises your risk of upper reproductive organ infection and sexually transmitted disease -- what to do instead!
  • Fight back against infectious microorganisms with health-enhancing microorganisms -- how to use "probiotics" in your personal immune-boosting arsenal!
  • The overlooked vitamin that boosts your health and immunity (not Vitamin C) - the secret weapon you need to know about now!
  • The anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-infectious and immune boosting power of licorice root -- what you need to know about this powerful home remedy that has been shown to be effective against SARS in laboratory tests!
  • The link between hypoglycemia and chronic fatigue syndrome: how to alleviate many CFS symptoms by treating yourself for low blood sugar
  • The surprising connection between low food enzyme levels and faltering immunity -- how to boost your body's enzyme supply quickly, safely and easily, for maximum immune system support.
  • Why electromagnetic radiation from your television or home computer can wreak havoc on your immune system -- 4 herbs this well-known doctor says will strengthen your immunity and help leach stored radiation from your cells and tissues.
  • An overlooked mineral that provides astonishing protection for your immune system - why you need to add it to your daily vitamin/mineral regimen now!
  • Alkoxyglycerols and your immune system -- how to use them to rapidly fortify your health and immunity!
  • A doctor's simple "immune system cocktail."
  • Plus, what you need to know about the amazing healing, immune-boosting and disease-fighting properties of Cat's Claw...Ginseng...pfaffia paniculata...GE-132...and many more powerful natural immune-boosting substances you've probably never heard of...including where to get them quickly, inexpensively and without a prescription!

As you can see, The Immune Manual: How to Survive Today's Era of Strange Diseases With Your Health and Immune System Intact is no ordinary health manual. Instead, it is a unique and extraordinary new guide distilled from reams of powerful, life-saving information that is simply unavailable through any conventional published source. Much of it has been culled from the files of leading health investigators and independent practitioners working on the cutting edge of medical science. And much of this crucial information has been suppressed by powerful medical interests who do not want you to know the full story behind today's plague of deadly infectious illnesses and diseases. That's why you simply won't find this invaluable information in your local newspaper, your favorite health magazine, or even on ABC, CBS or NBC. The Immune Manual not only gives you the full inside story, it also reveals the important new solutions, innovations and proven breakthroughs that can keep you alive when nothing orthodox medical science has to offer will!

Most importantly, you'll be able to protect yourself and your family from today's growing scourge of infectious illness and disease. You'll be able to dramatically boost the vitality and effectiveness of your immune system many times over, and even reverse age-related immune system deterioration. Plus, you'll learn the latest and most effective solutions and strategies for protecting yourself against today's plague of deadly pathogenic microorganisms -- at home, in the office, and in public!

How to Get a Copy of This Potentially Life-Saving New Manual
at Nearly 50% Off!

I can assure you that because of the unorthodox and suppressed nature of the crucial information this manual contains, it will probably never be available at any price through conventional publishing channels. Simply stated, The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual is too hot for commercial publication. It steps on too many toes, destroys too many popular medical myths, reveals too many secrets the medical bureaucracy does not want you to know, and gives you too much power over your own destiny, your own health and your own well-being.

Which is exactly why it is vital for you to have this potentially lifesaving new manual right away!

Although The Ultimate Immune System Repair Manual is designed to sell for $129 with limited distribution, we've gone to great lengths to bring it to the American public at a steeply reduced rate, for a limited time only. (More on the steeply discounted price in just a moment.)

Please believe me when I tell you that the invaluable new information contained in this fully documented new 252-page manual could literally save your life, or the life of someone you love.

Considering the near total inaccessibility of this type of information through normal public channels, the vast number of specific highly-actionable "how-to" protective techniques for boosting your body's immune system and reversing age-related immune deterioration, and the proven solutions and strategies it reveals for staving off even the most deadly of infectious microorganisms and diseases in this new "Era of Strange Diseases" in which we live, the normal price of $129 is certainly legitimate -- even a bargain

After all, this little-known, suppressed information could literally save your life. In today's "Era of Strange Diseases" (in which even the doctors are now throwing up their hands in exasperation), this potentially life-saving new information is certainly worth having at any price.

Nevertheless, by purchasing an entire print run of this manual, we are able to make it available to you at the steeply discounted price of only $69. By ordering now, while this unique new manual is still available at the steeply discounted price, you'll save nearly 50% from the regular retail price of $129, , and you'll gain an entire lifetime's worth of potentially life-saving knowledge that could spare you or someone you love from untold misery due to a deadly infectious illness or disease. You'll learn how you may be unwittingly damaging your own immune system and setting yourself up for infection and disease, plus what you can do to reverse the situation and repair the damage...You'll learn the simple techniques, strategies and solutions for boosting the strength and effectiveness of your immune system many times over, and for reversing age-related immune deterioration...And you'll learn about the powerful new all-natural solutions and cures that in many cases work better than antibiotics against pathogenic microorganisms and the diseases they cause.

In short, you'll gain invaluable knowledge that will give you tremendous health benefits on a daily basis for the rest of your life, and that could literally save your life in a time of crisis.

Look, there's just no way to put a dollar value on your way to put a dollar value on being able to protect yourself and your family against the deadly new bacteria and viruses orthodox medicine is virtually helpless against...and no way to put a dollar value on the peace of mind you'll gain in the face of today's growing plague of infectious illness and disease. The steeply discounted price of only $69 is a small price to pay, indeed, for such tremendous and difficult-to-obtain life-long health benefits.

Of course, if you're unconcerned about today's growing epidemic of drug-resistant pathogenic microorganisms and the strange (and often deadly) diseases they are ushering in...if you're content to do nothing to boost your own immune system in the face of today's flood of new infectious illnesses and diseases...if dramatically slowing and even reversing age-related immune system deterioration is simply not a priority for you...then trust me when I say this manual is not for you.

But if you're willing to invest the time it takes to read this manual and implement even a few of the powerful ideas it reveals in order to help protect your health, boost your immunity and greatly enhance your body's ability to defeat infectious illness and disease, then please let me hear from you right away. There are only a limited number of these in-depth 252-page manuals available at the steeply discounted price of $69, and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis only. Please act within the next 72 hours to assure yourself a copy.

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