Government experts claim there is not much they can do to give average American citizens the skills they will need to survive the coming terrorist germ warfare attacks against U.S. cities.

According to FBI Supervisory Special Agent Steve Barry, "It's not that we want to withhold information. But there is no 'one size' fits all solution. We don't want people reacting to a blueprint that doesn't fit every situation."

But former UN nuclear weapons inspector David Kay - an outspoken opponent of those who feel the American public cannot be taught how to survive the coming attacks - vehemently disagrees with the FBI's assessment. He recently stated, 

"Politicians haven't gotten on board yet to warn the public...This is shameful, considering the fact that there are a number of simple steps that can be taken by civilians to limit their exposure and significantly increase their chances of survival."

In short, although millions of lives could easily be saved by teaching American citizens a handful of common-sense germ warfare survival skills, the federal government refuses to add this crucial civilian training to their ongoing Domestic Preparedness Program.

As usual, American citizens are being left completely in the dark!

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  • TO FLEE OR NOT TO FLEE - The pros and cons of hunkering down or evacuating an area that is under attack!
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The Harsh Truth the Federal Government Simply Won't Tell You...

Only last year, England has had to shut down every coastal port in the country to prevent Iraqi terrorists from smuggling in biological weapons for a threatened attack. Their quick action saved the day.

Unfortunately, according to former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris, Iraqi terrorists have long ago taken advantage of America's open borders and are already positioned in over 100 U.S. cities, fully armed with deadly infectious germ warfare agents such as anthrax and bubonic plague.

Today, they await the command of their terrorist masters to unleash their unholy nightmare on unsuspecting American citizens.

Perhaps this is why Dr. Michael Osterholm, chief of Disease Epidemiology at the Minnesota Department of Health recently warned the National Foundation for Infectious Disease, "The United States is ripe for a terrorist attack using biological weapons and is nowhere near ready for it...There are a growing number of extremist terrorist groups and religious fanatics who believe it is now time for our "decadent capitalist society" to come to an end, and they are actively pursuing ways to bring that about. Germ warfare is their method of choice."

Worse yet, bio-defense expert Richard Falkenrath of Harvard University warns that the federal government's biological defense efforts are, at best, "disorganized and excessively fragmented" in spite of their having spent $13 billion on terrorist defense programs over the past seven years.

As evidence, he points to the abysmal government response during the recent top secret three-day government biological defense drill called "Operation Topoff," held in Denver, Colorado and two other major U.S. cities.

After two years of preparation, the drill was designed to test readiness in these cities for the expected terrorist attacks. Although city and state officials were warned of the mock attacks eight weeks in advance, according to Falkenrath, "hospitals were overwhelmed, government officials wasted time fighting over who was in charge, and hundreds of 'victims' would have died unnecessarily if it had been a real emergency."

Finally, Dr. Stephen Cantrill of the Denver Health Medical Center recently warned a Senate panel that America's hospitals lack the "surge capacity" to take on the tens of thousands of potential casualties in the event of biological terrorism.

"A true biological weapon attack would not be handled well," Cantrill told the Senate hearing on terrorism. "The lay public have abundant faith in the medical community's abilities," Cantrill said, "but they would be deeply disappointed."

General Bruce Lawlor, head of U.S. military command in charge of aiding civilian agencies in the event of such an attack, warned the Senate panel that the military does not have the desperately needed excess hospital capacity, either.

In short, you simply cannot count on the federal government or your local medical community to provide you with adequate protection during the coming terrorist germ warfare attacks on U.S. cities!​

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According to former CIA microbiologist Larry Wayne Harris, because of the highly infectious, tuberculosis-like nature of some of the specific biological agents preferred by terrorists such as Osama Bin Ladin, it will take less than a week for a full two-thirds of all American cities to be under siege if the deadly biological toxins are unleashed on just a fraction of the 120 targeted U.S. cities.

And within 24 to 48 hours of the initial attack, all of the simple, inexpensive supplies and items you'll need to survive will simply vanish from store shelves!

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You'll not only learn how to protect yourself, your family and your household, but how to help your neighbors protect themselves in the event an attack takes place as expected.

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