Colloidal Silver and Cancer: A Surprising Look!

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This 192-page softcover book by Steve Barwick brings you completely up-to-date on the use of colloidal silver as a powerfully effective nutritional adjunct to treating cancer.  See details of all 50 clinical studies demonstrating silver’s powerful anti-cancer qualities.  Read detailed reports revealing how 20 different cancer victims are using colloidal silver successfully.  See startling details of the latest clinical study in which a Texas man was completely healed of head-and-neck cancer when his doctors had sent him home to die, and he began using his homemade colloidal silver as a last resort.

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The FDA, Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and numerous other medical sources all repeatedly affirm that colloidal silver is not a “cancer cure.” But here’s what the FDA and other medical authorities won’t tell you: There have now been over 50 clinical studies documenting the astonishing ability of silver to kill cancer cells and shrink cancer tumors. Not just one or two studies, mind you. But dozens of lab studies and animal studies demonstrate silver’s amazing cancer-fighting properties! These studies lend an impressive degree of credence to anecdotal reports from people worldwide who claim their cancers were miraculously cured after they started using colloidal silver. Learn about all 50 clinical studies, plus read 20 first-hand accounts of astonishing cancer healings from colloidal silver usage, and discover why colloidal silver may well turn out to be the “cancer cure” of the future.

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