101 Powerful Household Uses for Colloidal Silver

Crash Course #6: 101 Powerful Household Uses for Colloidal Silver (booklet) This is my latest, in-depth 25-page guidebook detailing dozens upon dozens of little-known ways to use colloidal silver, both in the body as well as around the house in order to keep your household and your family infection-free 365 days a year. You’ll learn the top 12 ways to use colloidal silver to heal infectious illness and disease almost overnight...dozens of exciting new ways to stop bacteria, viruses and fungi from taking hold and spreading in your household...the 4 key areas of your home to focus on first and foremost (two of these may completely surprise you!)

...the best ways to use colloidal silver in hot tubs and swimming pools...5 simple yet profoundly important things you should be using colloidal silver for in your bathrooms...7 crucial kitchen uses for stopping the spread of infectious microbes and preventing food poisoning...how to use colloidal silver to keep food from spoiling...using colloidal silver in the laundry... the most important outdoor household uses for colloidal silver...PLUS many little-known ways to get all of the benefits of those over-priced silver-impregnated products you keep hearing about with just a few cents worth of homemade micro-particle colloidal silver instead! It's a genuine $19.95 value – yours FREE!

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