Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD: the Inside Scoop on the World's Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

Why are the medical authorities working so hard to keep you from discovering this invaluable and potentially life-saving information?

First, the bureaucrats tried to ban colloidal silver. Then they passed rulings making it illegal to mention its powerful infection-fighting and immune-boosting qualities in advertising.

Why are the medical authorities working so hard to keep you from discovering this invaluable and potentially life-saving information?

After that, they started conducting armed raids of companies manufacturing and selling colloidal silver, putting some of them completely out of business. When even that didn’t work, they began planting misleading and sensationalistic television news stories in an attempt to scare people away from colloidal silver usage.

But no matter how hard they try, they just can’t stop the colloidal silver juggernaut. In fact, the more they try to suppress it, the more its popularity continues to grow.

Today, an estimated 10 million people across North America use colloidal silver religiously, to heal stubborn infections, prevent and cure serious illness and disease, and keep their families infection-free and feeling better than ever before.

Nevertheless, there are literally tens of millions of mainstream Americans who still don’t realize what they are missing out on, thanks to the ongoing bureaucratic black-out of information about how to use colloidal silver to cure infection and disease.

That’s why I agreed to help make a brand new studio-quality 60-minute video called the Colloidal Silver Secrets VColloidal Silver Secretsideo. In this amazing new video, you’ll learn secrets about colloidal silver usage that 99% of all Americans are completely oblivious to, thanks to the government’s shocking and indefensible information black-out. For example:

Most all experienced colloidal silver users know you can apply colloidal silver topically to heal cuts and burns in record time, or drink it to help cure internal infections of all sorts, thus eliminating the need for expensive and potentially harmful prescription antibiotics in many cases. But did you know colloidal silver can be taken straight into the blood stream, through the lungs, using a simple table-top electrical device you can buy on e-Bay for under a hundred dollars?

And did you realize that this simple trick can boost the effectiveness of colloidal silver against infections and disease by up to ten times? It’s true! And I’ll show you exactly how to do it, step-by-simple-step, in my brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video.

But wait! You don’t even need this electrical device, because I’ll also show you how to accomplish the same thing with a tiny plastic implement that will cost you about a dollar at your local pharmacy! And that’s not all you’ll learn in the Colloidal Silver Secrets video - not even close! 

Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My name is Steve Barwick. I’m a natural health journalist by trade, and I’ve been studying and writing about colloidal silver for just over thirteen years, ever since my wife’s infected toes were saved from amputation after using this miraculous natural antibiotic substance. (You can read about her story at

As a journalist, I’ve probably done more journalistic research into the remarkable healing qualities of colloidal silver than any other human being on the face of the earth. And in my new video, I’ll show you literally dozens of ways to use colloidal silver to cure stubborn infections and illnesses of every sort. But first, let me answer the most obvious two questions of them all for you:

What Is Colloidal Silver? 
And Why Are So Many People Using It?

Colloidal silver is a completely natural, liquid mineral nutritional supplement found in almost every health food store in North America. It is much like mineral water, except that in this case, the only minerals in the water are tiny, invisible, sub-microscopic particles of pure silver.

Why pure silver? Because pure silver, by itself, has been known for thousands of years to have powerful, broad-spectrum infection-fighting qualities.

  • Roman soldiers used silver foil to prevent battle wounds from becoming infected.
  • The ancient Chinese ground up pure silver and swallowed it, to cure intestinal infections and sexually transmitted deseases.
  • And during the black plague of the 16th century, members of the British aristocracy frequently made their newborn children suck on silver spoons. Why? Because human saliva contains acidic elements that can pull minute particles of silver from the silverware. Hence the phrase “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth” was originally not so much a reference to great wealth, but a reference to having unusually robust health in the face of horrific illness and disease!

But shortly after Thomas Edison harnessed electricity in the late 1800’s, a quick and highly effective electrical process for making a safe, liquid ingestible form of silver called colloidal silver was discovered.

And from that point forward colloidal silver immediately became one of the most popular natural infection-fighting agents in the world among doctors, clinical researchers and the general public alike. In fact, it has now been used for over 100 years as a powerful natural remedy for a wide range of infectious illnesses and diseases!

So How Is Colloidal Silver Made and Used?

Colloidal silver is made through a simple electrical process that pulls sub-microscopic particles of pure silver from a larger silver electrode immersed in water. These tiny, invisible silver particles are held in suspension in the resulting solution by the electrical charge left on each atom after being sintered away from the silver electrode.

When ingested orally, these tiny particles of silver – smaller than most bacteria and viruses— travel throughout your body just like any other mineral supplement before being excreted through your body’s normal channels of elimination. But as the silver particles come into contact with pathogenic microorganisms in your body, the silver rapidly inactivates and kills the microbes, thus preventing them from colonizing, spreading throughout your body and causing disease!

It’s really that simple. And that’s why colloidal silver continues to grow in popularity worldwide. In fact, it is now considered to be the most powerful natural infection-fighting agent on the face of the earth, and is widely used as a mineral supplement to aid the body in preventing and eliminating stubborn infections, and even bringing major healing relief from the chronic degenerative diseases that are so frequently caused by underlying infections, such as rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and even some forms of cancer and heart disease!

Now that you understand a little more about colloidal silver, let me tell you all about the powerful and potentially life-saving information you’re going to learn when you watch my brand new, 60-minute studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video...

Make Your Own Emergency Colloidal Silver Generator!

Did you know that in just two minutes you can make a home-made colloidal silver generator out of three 9-volt batteries and two thin pieces of wire? It’s true. And once you know how, you can make your own colloidal silver anytime you need it!

Yes, the whole thing can be assembled and working in just under two minutes. If you’re handy, you can do it inside of 30 seconds. And anyone can do it. I’ll show you how, step-by-step, in my brand new Colloidal Silver Secrets video.

With this powerful information, you’ll never again have to worry about running out of colloidal silver in an emergency, because this nifty little do-it-yourself gadget is absolutely fool proof!

That’s just one of the dozens of nifty little tricks, techniques and colloidal silver usage skills I’ll teach you in my brand new, studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video!

Using Colloidal Silver to Cure Infections, Illness and Even Chronic Degenerative Disease!

What’s more, I’ll show you the 10 best ways to use colloidal silver to prevent and cure infectious illness. These are special colloidal silver usage tricks that fewer than one in every thousand colloidal silver users know!

And I’ll show you how millions of people around the world are quietly using colloidal silver to cure infections and diseases of every sort!

  • You’ll learn the most effective way to use colloidal silver in the eyes and ears, to knock out stubborn eye infections and earaches!
  • You’ll learn a special way to apply colloidal silver to the inside of your throat, so you can knock out a nasty sore throat in a single afternoon!
  • You’ll learn the 3 most effective ways to use colloidal silver for household disinfection, i.e., to prevent the spread of infectious microbes in your home!
  • You’ll learn the specific colloidal silver dosages used successfully for decades by experienced colloidal silver users, for everything from simple infections such as colds and flu to more serious infections and diseases!
  • You’ll learn a simple way to get your pets to take colloidal silver, too — no fuss, no muss — and it only takes about 10 seconds when you have one of the handy little low-cost devices I demonstrate in the brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video!
  • You’ll learn savvy tricks and techniques, such as how to use colloidal silver and a baking dish to cure toenail fungus and athlete’s foot in a matter of weeks, at a cost of about 18 cents a day!
  • And much, much more!

But Hey,That’s Still Not All You’ll Learn…Not By a Long Shot!

My new video is absolutely jam-packed with valuable ‘how to’ information…hands-on, step-by-step demonstrations…handy colloidal silver usage tips…and inside information on colloidal silver and its usage you won’t find anywhere else. For example…

  • Do you want to know how to quickly and safely cure dandruff with colloidal silver? I’ll show you!
  • Would you like to get rid of painful and troublesome sties in your eyes? No problem!
  • How about eradicating stubborn topical skin infections, or rapidly healing infected wounds and cuts? It’s as simple as can be!
  • Would you like to know exactly what to look for when purchasing colloidal silver from health food store or internet vendors, so you don’t get ripped off? I give you the 3 key factors to watch for when you buy! (Ignore any of these three key factors and you can easily get ripped off!)
  • Do you want to know how to make your own colloidal silver for only a , in the comfort and privacy of your own home? I’ll demonstrate it for you step-by-step, so you’ll always know how. And I’ll even teach you how to make your own emergency colloidal silver generator in just under two minutes with no special skills required!

What’s more, I’ll show you the simplest and most effective ways to apply colloidal silver externally. And I’ll reveal how experienced colloidal silver users take it internally to help prevent infection and disease from setting in, and to cure stubborn underlying infections once and for all!

13 Years Worth of Colloidal Silver Research Distilled Into This Blockbuster 60-Minute Colloidal Silver Secrets Video!

You see, as a natural health journalist for over 30 years, I’ve researched colloidal silver usage inside out. In fact, over the course of the last 13 years alone I’ve interviewed over 2,000 experienced colloidal silver users who have let me in on their most closely guarded secrets.

And I’m finally spilling the beans in my brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video.

Do you want to know about safe dosage levels? Dangerous dosage levels? What the FDA says about colloidal silver usage? What experienced colloidal silver users say? You’ll learn it all, and much, much more in the brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video!

You’ll also learn important and extremely interesting clinical background information and historical details about colloidal silver, so you’ll be able to clearly and succinctly explain to friends, family members and loved ones why you use colloidal silver, and how it works. For example, you’ll learn:

  • The 3 chief ways colloidal silver works to stop infectious microorganisms dead in their tracks!
  • 2 ways the oxygen-carrying qualities of colloidal silver benefit your health and well-being!
  • Why the FDA’s contention that silver has no particular biological function in the human body is utter nonsense, and what the truth is!
  • Why the body carries small amounts of silver into virtually every tissue and organ on a daily basis, even if you never use colloidal silver!
  • Why the immune-boosting benefits of colloidal silver are as important and irrefutable as its infection-fighting benefits!
  • What Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. of Syracuse Medical University discovered about the amazing immune-boosting benefits of electrically generated silver ions!
  • 5 ways colloidal silver helps stimulate the immune system and heal damaged cells and tissues!
  • My story: How colloidal silver saved my wife’s toes from the surgeon’s knife, and spurred my 13 year quest for knowledge about colloidal silver (and what you can learn from our life-changing experiences)!
  • How colloidal silver compares to prescription antibiotics in terms of broad-spectrum killing power – why the difference between the two is often like the difference between night and day!
  • Why the frequently instantaneous nature of the healing qualities of colloidal silver will blow your mind!
  • Colloidal silver and chronic fatigue syndrome: Is this the cure you’ve been looking for? Here’s how it worked for me!
  • Silver’s amazing 2,000 year medical history: What you can learn from ancient cultures about healing infectious illness and disease with silver!

You’ll Learn More About Colloidal Silver in One 60-Minute Sitting ThanYou’ve Learned inYour Entire Life!

I suppose I could stop right there, and quite frankly if I did this new video would still be worth ten times its small cost to you in background information alone. But you’ll learn much more than this when you get your copy. For example, you’ll also learn…

  • 2 important ways the advent of colloidal silver forever changed the way silver would be used in health and medicine!
  • How the advent of prescription antibiotics almost relegated colloidal silver to the dustbin of medical history, and how the failure of prescription antibiotics brought colloidal silver usage back into vogue again!
  • How mutating microbes helped bring silver back into medical prominence in the 1970’s!
  • What the drug companies simply don’t want you to know about their rapidly faltering race against time to produce newer and more potent forms of prescription antibiotics!
  • Why there are more studies on the use of silver against infection and disease quietly taking place right now than there have been over the past 90 years; here’s what the researchers and doctors are finally catching onto (and why they don’t want the general public to know)!
  • 60 cents worth of colloidal silver versus $60 for prescription antibiotics: Why the tide finally turned toward colloidal silver usage and will never turn back!
  • General maintenance doses of colloidal silver versus larger doses for fighting active infections: how experienced colloidal silver users successfully employ colloidal silver to regain their health and well-being in record time!
  • Specific dosages for fighting off serious chronic degenerative diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, MS, cancer, heart disease and much more!
  • “Loading doses” versus maintenance doses: the key difference between the two, and how long to use both!
  • 2 easy ways to use colloidal silver successfully to cure your pet’s infections!
  • Revealed! A simple device available at Wal-Mart for under two dollars that makes it a breeze to administer colloidal silver to larger pets!
  • The simple “baking dish” cure for toenail fungus and athlete’s foot!
  • Demonstrated! The 99 cent device that allows you to cure your sinus infections with colloidal silver almost instantly!
  • Curing serious lung and blood-borne infections in five minutes a day with colloidal silver and a simple device available on the internet – a quick step-by-step demonstration of how it works!
  • Can you cure a nasty cough with colloidal silver? Sure thing! Here’s the easy way to do it…
  • 7 experienced colloidal silver users reveal to you how they use colloidal silver in their day-to-day lives for everything from preventing colds and flu…to curing stomach infections…preventing organ transplant rejection…and avoiding surgery for skin cancer!
  • Why the FDA came within a hair’s breadth of banning colloidal silver: The true story behind the FDA’s attempt to take colloidal silver off the market for good!
  • Separating colloidal silver fact from fiction: How unscrupulous colloidal silver vendors continue to put natural health enthusiasts at risk of losing easy access to commercially sold colloidal silver preparations!
  • How the FDA brought efforts to alert mainstream America to the healing benefits of colloidal silver to a screeching halt!
  • The hidden role played by the big drug companies in making sure colloidal silver’s phenomenal healing benefits remain unknown to most Americans!
  • The inside scoop on FDA hypocricy: Suppressing colloidal silver usage while allowing Big Business to capitalize on silver’s powerful antibiotic qualities!
  • Could you use some antibacterial bandaids with a silver-impregnated padding for preventing infections in cuts, scrapes and burns? Well here’s some good news: Curad bandaid company and several others already have them on the market, and you can buy them right now at just about any big pharmacy. But why pay up to $9 for a box for silver impregnated bandaids when you can do what I show you in the video and accomplish the same infection-fighting benefits with just two or three cents worth of colloidal silver?
  • Silver impregnated toothbrush bristles? Yep…the bureaucrats have already approved them for over the counter sale! But at $14 a pop for the toothbrushes, why not do what I explain in the video and spend only two or three cents a day, instead, to achieve even greater germ-killing benefits?
  • Would you like to spend $1,400 for a new washing machine that injects tiny silver particles into the rinse cycle in order to give your bedding, bath towels and wash rags greater anti-bacterial resistance? Great! Samsung is the manufacturer, and I can tell you where to get one. But you can put this much inexpensive homemade colloidal silver into the rinse cycle of your current washing machine and accomplish the same results for only pennies per week!
  • Is colloidal silver a cure for AIDS? Nope…not yet! No matter what you may have read on the internet, the claims are bogus. Here’s where misinformation from unscrupulous colloidal silver vendors puts public access to colloidal silver at risk once again!
  • What recent medical studies have actually demonstrated in regards to the ability of colloidal silver to suppress the replication of the AIDS virus, and why the important distinction revealed in the video simultaneously offers profound hope for AIDS sufferers, while putting the lie to claims of an “AIDS cure” once and for all!
  • Understanding what colloidal silver actually can and can’t do, so you don’t get taken in by the colloidal silver hucksters!
  • Warnings for the incorrect use of colloidal silver! How to avoid toxic buildup through excessive dosage, and why the key is not ingesting more than your liver and kidneys can excrete!
  • The truth about argyria (i.e., skin-graying) from excessive colloidal silver usage, and how to easily avoid this very rare and completely over-hyped condition!
  • Why the size of the silver particles in your colloidal silver solution is vital to its effectiveness – what to look for and what to reject when purchasing commercially available colloidal silver products!
  • What the color of the silver particles in your colloidal silver means: why “gold” or other dark-colored colloidal silver products may not be giving you the infection-fighting power you’re looking for!
  • Ionic silver versus metallic or “particulate” silver: Which form of colloidal silver is best? (And why the answer might surprise you if you’ve been reading certain misleading web sites!)
  • Secrets for making your own colloidal silver at home – the inside scoop on colloidal silver generators!
  • Surprising benefits of 3 different kinds of colloidal silver generators!
  • Revealed! Little-known pitfalls of one of the most popular kinds of colloidal silver generators!
  • Battery-operated versus line-powered colloidal silver generators: why there are two distinctly different uses for these two types of generators!
  • Inferior versus superior colloidal silver: How to assure yourself that you are always making the highest quality colloidal silver possible when you make your own!
  • The little-known secret of producing high-quality silver micro-particles as small as .0008 microns (i.e., eight ten-thousandths of a single micron), and what make such tiny silver particles so vitally important when you’re fighting infection and disease!
  • The simplest and most effective secret ever for eliminating the buildup of excessive electrolysis during the colloidal silver-making process— how this one simple trick can vastly reduce the size of your silver particles, making them far more effective than ever before!
  • Should you buy commercially prepared colloidal silver solutions, or make your own? How a startling advance in colloidal silver-making technology has made it safer and less expensive to make your own than to buy standard commercial brands!
  • A simple secret for healing stubborn skin conditions – producing colloidal silver so inexpensively you can literally afford to bathe in it!
  • And there’s much, much more valuable information on colloidal silver usage in the brand new studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video!

How Much Does It Cost? (You’ll be Pleasantly Surprised…But You Must Act Quickly!)

Look, it’s quite expensive to make a studio-quality video. Studio shooting time alone can cost up to $100 a minute, and it can take weeks of shooting to complete a good, studio-quality video.

But I’m doing my very best to bust through the government-imposed information black-out on colloidal silver and get this vital and potentially life-saving information out to the general public. That’s why you won’t have to pay the regular cover price of $59.95 for the brand new 60-minute studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD. No, you won’t even have to pay $49.95, or even $39.95.

My marketing director demanded that I charge at least $29.95, after he saw the bill for studio production costs and video reproduction.

But I’m pursuing a larger agenda. It’s not about the money. It’s about getting this vital inside information on colloidal silver out to the general public – to mainstream America – before it’s too late. (Read below how the bureaucrats are already acting to criminalize information on natural healing just like this!)

So here’s the deal: If you act within the next 48 hours, you’ll pay only a paltry $19.95 for this amazing new video. That’s right…I’ve slashed the price by a whopping $40 for you, if you place your order within the next 48 hours. For less than the cost of an inexpensive dinner for two at a local family restaurant, you’ll gain the equivalent of literally thousands of dollars worth of little-known, often suppressed and restricted inside information on what is perhaps the most powerful natural healing substance on the face of the earth.

This frequently difficult-to-obtain and potentially life-saving information has taken me over 13 years of intensive journalistic research to compile. In fact, as I mentioned earlier, I’ve spent literally hundreds of hours interviewing over 2,000 experienced colloidal silver users including doctors, nurses, naturopaths, dentists, scientists, researchers and regular folks alike, extracting from them the specific methods of colloidal silver usage that have worked best for them, for everything from external infections and simple colds and the flu to far more serious internal infections and potentially life-threatening chronic degenerative diseases of all sorts!

And I’ve spent hundreds more hours tracking down and meticulously sifting through old medical journals and reports from the early 1900’s written by some of the early colloidal silver medical researchers and clinical pioneers like Dr. Alfred B. Searle (founder of the global Searle Pharmaceutical Company) and Sir Malcolm Morris, Dr. Leonard Hirschberg, M.D. of Johns-Hopkins University, T. Sanderson-Wells, H. Bechold, the famous Swiss medical researcher Von Naegeli, Dr.W. S. Halstead (one of the founding fathers of modern surgery who frequently used silver wound dressings), well-known researchers Hill and Pillsbury, Dr. C.E. MacLeod, Dr. Henry Crooks (author of the critically acclaimed medical guide The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease), colloidal silver research clinician A. Legge Roe, French physician B.G. Duhamel and many others too numerous to mention.

What’s more, I’ve spent over a decade pouring over the writings and clinical research studies on the infection-fighting power of colloidal silver conducted by more modern researchers like Dr. Bob Beck, PhD., Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. of Syracuse Medical University, Dr. Carl Moyer (Chairman of Washington University’s Department of Surgery) and his biochemist colleague Dr. Harry Margraf, Dr. Larry C. Ford of UCLA Medical School, and many other contemporary clinical researchers such as B. Fowler & G. Nordberg, N. Simonetti, T. Berger, T.Wlodkowski and H. Rosenkranz and numerous others.

And now I’ve distilled all of this vital information for you into the power-packed studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD! The bottom line is that I’ve poured my heart into this powerful new video, because I believe so strongly in colloidal silver and its phenomenal healing and potentially life-saving benefits. And I want you to know all about it, too! That’s why I’m offering the Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD so inexpensively…but for a very limited time only.

You have only 48 hours to take me up on this unusual money-saving offer that’s designed to bust through the bureaucrat’s information blackout on colloidal silver, and get this vital health-enhancing information out to as many Americans as possible. But after 48 hours I reserve the right to withdraw this special money-saving offer and charge the regular cover price. So please act quickly and decisively, while this tremendous money-saving offer is still available!


So please order online now or if you prefer you can pick up the phone and call toll-free 1-888-846-9029 during regular business hours (AZ time) and place your credit card order for only $19.95 (instead of the regular $59.95 cover price) with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

We’ll rush your copy of my brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets Video in DVD format by U.S. mail.

I promise you, you’ll be thanking me for it for months and even years to come. This is literally some of the most powerful suppressed information on natural healing with colloidal silver you’ll ever come across. And it is absolutely imperative you gain this invaluable inside knowledge now, before the bureaucrats take additional steps to shut down your access to it.

One Final Important Point: The Growing Bureaucratic Attempts to Criminalize Information on Natural Healing!

Only recently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed legal charges against natural health author Kevin Trudeau over his mega-bestselling “What They Don’t Want You to Know” weight loss book.

Why? Because Trudeau had the audacity to take his “What They Don’t Want You to Know” series of books on natural cures and healing techniques to the mainstream American public through the use of nationally broadcast TV infomercials. He chose this route as the most efficient and effective way to bust through the growing bureaucratic blackout on information about natural cures.

So the bureaucrats – under pressure from their drug industry masters – lowered the boom on Trudeau. They desperately want to make an example of him, so no one else ever tries to do the same thing. So they have filed legal charges against him that are sending shockwaves through the entire natural health community.

Indeed, this is being perceived throughout the natural health community as the government’s first shot across the bow in an effort criminalize information and literature pertaining to natural healing, for the express purpose of suppressing it!

Yes, they want to legislate what you can learn, and what you can’t, about natural healing! And even though this despicable action by the FTC flies blatantly in the face of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees the right of free speech and a free press, the bureaucrats are nevertheless pursuing this unconstitutional avenue full steam ahead!

Get the Colloidal Silver Secrets Video Before It’s Too Late!

That’s just one more good reason why you need to get your hands on a copy of the brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video right away!

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

Over the last ten years, no other nutritional supplement on the face of the earth has invoked the ire of the medical bureaucrats more than colloidal silver. Of course, that’s mainly because the big multi-billion dollar drug companies that secretly control the FDA from behind-the-scenes consider colloidal silver to be the #1 competitor against their rapidly failing prescription antibiotic drugs.

And now that studies are showing silver-based therapies to be remarkably successful against antibiotic-resistant super pathogens such as MRSA while standard prescription antibiotic drugs continue to lose their luster, you can rest assured that the medical bureaucrats will come after colloidal silver with a vengeance that will rival or even exceed their failed attempt to ban its use in 1999.

Why? Because the drug companies don’t want the competition! Instead, they want complete control over your health care choices, to the point that their drugs are the only choices you will have. And ultimately they’ll do everything in their power to obtain that kind of complete control!

Yes, information like that contained in my brand new studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video could soon be targeted by the medical bureaucrats, just like Kevin Trudeau’s books are now being targeted. That’s just one more reason why you need to act quickly and decisively, if you want a copy of the brand new 60-minute studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video while it is still available publicly!

A Word to the Wise…

As the old saying goes, “A word to the wise is sufficient.” If you want this invaluable information, you should act now while it is still available.

And please don’t forget that if you act within the next 48 hours, you’ll save a whopping $40 off the cover price of the video!

That's right. Instead of paying the cover price of $59.95 for the DVD, you'll pay only $19.95 -- a meager price for such powerful and frequently suppressed inside information on the healing and infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver!

It’s all just my way of saying “Thank you” for helping me break through the information blackout on colloidal silver being imposed upon mainstream America by the medical bureaucrats.

So please order online now by clicking the above link. Or, if you prefer, you can pick up the phone and call toll-free 1-888-846-9029 during regular business hours (M-F, Arizona time) and place your credit card order for only $19.95 (instead of the regular $59.95 cover price) with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

We'll immediately rush your copy of the Colloidal Silver Secrets Video in DVD format right away by U.S. mail.

I look forward to hearing from you right away…

My best regards and fondest wishes for your continued great health,

Steve Barwick

Steve Barwick is one of the greatest writers in the realm of colloidal silver...He's done a lot to promote the awareness of colloidal silver, to debunk the myths and to get good information out to the public.

...I've been reading his stuff for a long time...He's become quite a voice and a champion for disseminating good information about colloidal silver...silver therapeutics...silver medicinals...

He cuts through a lot of the garbage that the governmental and pharmaceutical complex uses to sway everybody from silver. He's one of my heroes out there...So hats off to you, Steve."

Robert Scott Bell, The Robert Scott Bell Show

Who is Steve Barwick?

Steve Barwick is a long-time natural health journalist and featured guest star of the recently released 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video, hosted by TV personality Kristyn Burrt of MSNBC's The Arena With Jesse Ventura.

He is also author of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, which at over 500 pages is the most comprehensive guide to colloidal silver usage in the world today.

Throughout the video, host Kristyn Burrt skillfully coaxes Barwick into revealing how to use colloidal silver to cure a myriad of stubborn infections and diseases, grilling him about specific dosages, concentrations, particle sizes, as well as the most successful methods of application and ingestion.

In the video, Barwick also demonstrates, step-by-step, how you can easily construct and use an emergency colloidal silver generator in under two minutes, using common household implements.

And he explains why being in charge of the means of production is the #1 best way to ensure that your colloidal silver is always absolutely pure and of the highest therapeutic quality.

Barwick also demonstrates how to properly use a variety of colloidal silver generators to make high-quality colloidal silver. He explains what makes each type of colloidal silver generator unique, so you can choose the right generator for your particular needs. And he demonstrates how each generator works, so you can see for yourself how easy they are to use.

Throughout the video he also reveals many of the little-known secrets of successful colloidal silver usage uncovered during the course of his 13 years worth of in-depth journalistic research during which time he interviewed over 2,000 experienced colloidal silver users including doctors, nurses, naturopaths, dentists, scientists, researchers and regular folks alike in the course of writing his new book, the Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual.

The video is chock full of powerful colloidal silver usage tips, little-known secrets for making high-quality colloidal silver in the comfort and privacy of your own home for less than 36 cents a quart (compared to the average price of $7 an ounce in health food stores), brand new information from the latest clinical studies on colloidal silver, and much more.

“I sat down and watched the video last night, and was absolutely blown away by the depth and quality of useful information it reveals about the healing properties of colloidal silver and how to use it correctly. I wish I’d have had access to the valuable information contained in this video 20 years ago!”

George Foss, former general manager Kayser Nutrition

“Barwick delivers a non-stop barrage of practical, useable tips and valuable ‘how-to’ information every colloidal silver user should know, from unusually frank warnings about the risks of excessive silver usage to important revelations about optimal dosages and concentrations.”

Velda King,  Double K Publications

Natural health journalist Steve Barwick demonstrates the simple way to cure Pink Eye and styes with colloidal silver, in the brand new 60-minute studio-quality Colloidal Silver Secrets video!

“Barwick’s insights into colloidal silver usage are particularly eye-opening. And his step-by-step demonstrations showing different ways to successfully use colloidal silver to ward off infection and disease are the best parts of the video. The Colloidal Silver Secrets video is without a doubt my favorite recent addition to my natural health library.”

Jeff Malock, JDM Consulting

The Colloidal Silver Secrets video brings you the inside scoop on how to use the world's most powerful natural antibiotic to change your life for the better, forever! You'll discover how to:

  • Cure stubborn infections!
  • Boost immunity!
  • Increase health and vitality!
  • Stop illness and disease in its tracks!
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In the brand new studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video, natural health journalist Steve Barwick demonstrates several quick ways to make high-quality colloidal silver in just minutes, for only pennies per batch, in the comfort and privacy of your own home!

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Television personality Kristyn Burrt interviews natural health journalist Steve Barwick in the brand new studio-quality 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video!

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In the brand new 60-minute Colloidal Silver Secrets video, natural health journalist Steve Barwick demonstrates how to use a simple device called a nebulizer that allows you to get the healing power of colloidal silver directly into your blood-stream quickly and easily, through the lungs!

“My favorite part of the video is where Steve demonstrates how to make a simple, home-made emergency colloidal silver generator in less than two minutes from common household implements.”

Col. D. Wheeler, Ret. USAF

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“Steve, your Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD was very informative and balanced. I know from personal experience that colloidal silver works. For me it has cured a sinus infection within a few days by putting it in my nose with a dropper. But even more impressive than that I can tell you that it cured an acute breathing problem ( COPD) I had for years.

You see I have very little natural defense against airborne pathogens. I am a carrier of a rare genetic disorder called Alpha-One Antitrypsin deficiency. That means in short my lungs don't get enough Alpha one protein to protect them from airborne pathogens and pollutants. For years I had bouts with shortness of breath. This past winter it got real bad. I decided to put colloidal silver to the test. To make it alot cheaper, I decided to buy a colloidal silver generator and started making it.

For a couple months I drank 4-8 ounces a day of 10ppm. I also inhaled about a half ounce a day. I'm happy to say that for the first time in years my lungs are clear. I feel like a new man. I have now cut back to just drinking an ounce or two a day now. I'm not a doctor and so I'm not giving medical advice. But I can say with certainty that colloidal silver works from my own personal experience.

I have found many people who don't take me seriously when I tell them about it. They seem to think it's my latest health kick and my enthusiasm will wear off in time. It's sad to think that colloidal silver could help those same people if they would just give it a chance. There have been a few that have listened to me and have been helped by it too though.

I guess I just wanted you to know that your Colloidal Silver Secrets DVD was appreciated and that I am a firm believer in the effectiveness of colloidal silver.”

Chuck H.

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