36 Helpful Ways to Use Colloidal Silver Around the House

Everyone knows you can use colloidal silver in your eyes to eliminate eye infections like Pink Eye or styes. And you can use it in your ears to eliminate earaches, as well as in your nasal passages to eliminate sinus infections.

You can even spray it into your throat, or gargle with it, to eliminate sore throats. Most people also know you can drink it -- in small quantities -- to alleviate stomach infections, candida yeast infections, colds, flu, upper respiratory infections and more.

But did you realize it also has many non-medical purposes? Here's a brief list of helpful non-medical household and personal uses you might want to make note of…​

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There are tons of effective ways to use colloidal silver around the house, to disinfect and help keep your family healthy and infection-free.

And among these are some very unusual uses you’ve probably never thought of.

Here are just a few you might want to make note of for future reference, or start implementing around your home even now:

  • Spray colloidal silver on pools of standing water in the yard, in order to stop mosquito larva from hatching.
  • Add colloidal silver to juices and milk to prolong shelf-life and help prevent early spoiling, fermenting, deteriorating, clabbering or curdling.
  • Add colloidal silver to bottled water tank reservoirs, to prevent algae and bacterial growth.
  • Add colloidal silver to shampoos, lotions and creams to give them disinfectant and antimicrobial qualities.
  • Spray colloidal silver on your underarms as an odor-fighting substitute for potentially toxic commercial underarm deodorants.
  • Spray colloidal silver under sinks, cabinets, or other moist places to help prevent and eliminate fungus and mold.
  • Spray colloidal silver on seasonal clothing before storage to eliminate odor and mildew.
  • Spray colloidal silver in the car to eliminate odors.
  • Use colloidal silver in dental water-pic solutions to prevent bacterial buildup (and help stop plaque, to boot).
  • Use colloidal silver routinely in your laundry final rinse water, to disinfect, and to add antimicrobial protection to sheets, pillow cases, towels, dish rags, baby diapers, etc.
  • Spray colloidal silver on hunting clothes, before a hunting trip, to help eliminate the human scent.
  • Spay colloidal silver on bowls of dry pet food (especially outdoors) to help prevent it from molding in humid climates.
  • Spray colloidal silver on houseplants or garden plants to help prevent the growth of parasites, fungi, molds, and to help stop root rot and most plant diseases.
  • Spray colloidal silver inside the refrigerator, and in the food storage bins, to prevent the spread of mold and bacteria.
  • Spray colloidal silver onto pet bedding and allow it to air dry, in order to prevent the spread of mold, mildew and germs.
  • Spray colloidal silver around the tub, toiletry and shower stalls to prevent germs and stop mildew from growing.
  • Use colloidal silver in the hot tub in place of harsh chemicals like chlorine or bromine (1 quart per week during periods of heavy use, or 1 quart per two weeks during periods of low usage).
  • Spray colloidal silver on top of opened jars of jam, jelly and condiment containers, as well as inside the lids before replacing, in order to prevent bacterial growth in the food that gets stuck around the container tops.
  • Spray colloidal silver onto air conditioner filters after cleaning, in order to help disinfect them and kill pathogens carried onto them by the flow of air.
  • Spray colloidal silver onto hanging bath towels, wash cloths and dish rags and drying towels to help prevent souring and mildew.
  • Spray colloidal silver into home and office air ducts and vents to prevent them from becoming breeding sites for germs, molds and mildew.
  • Spray colloidal silver onto carpets, drapes and wallpaper to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Add colloidal silver to drinking water when traveling or camping to disinfect it and keep it fresh and pure, longer.
  • Add colloidal silver to pet’s drinking water to help prevent diseases and eliminate infections.
  • Add colloidal silver to canning, preserving or bottling to prevent contamination.
  • Spray colloidal silver on freshly purchased (or picked) fruits and veggies after washing them, to prevent microbial growth and keep them fresh longer.
  • Use colloidal silver in bath water to help soothe itchy skin and to promote clearer, younger-looking skin.
  • Use colloidal silver as a gargle for better oral health.
  • Use colloidal silver in douches to help relieve vaginal odor.
  • Mix a little colloidal silver into your pet’s water, birdbaths, etc, to prevent spread of bacteria and mold, and keep your pet healthy and infection-free.
  • Use colloidal silver in cut flower vases to help prevent microbial growth and keep flowers alive longer.
  • Spray shower stalls and bathtubs with colloidal silver, to disinfect and keep germ-free.
  • Spray or wipe telephone mouthpieces, pipe stems, headphones, hearing aids, eyeglass frames, hairbrushes, combs, etc., with colloidal silver to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Carry a small spray bottle of colloidal silver in your purse when shopping, so you can spray shopping cart handles before using. Spray colloidal silver on your toothbrush after each use, to help disinfect it and prevent the growth of germs.
  • Use a fine mist pump spray bottle to lightly “mist” your face with colloidal silver several times a day, allowing it to air dry afterwards; not only does it keep your facial skin looking young and healthy, it’s a very refreshing pick-me-up!

There are many, many other non-medical uses for colloidal silver. These are just a few. Use your imagination, and you’ll surely come up with dozens more!

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