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Dr. Oz and Actress Gwyneth Paltrow Endorse Colloidal Silver

What do TV’s Dr. Oz and Hollywood glamour gal Gwyneth Paltrow have in common?You might be surprised to learn it’s a mutual love for colloidal silver!And now they’ve both publicly endorsed it, on The Dr. Oz Show.Hi, Steve Barwick here, for www.LifeandHealthResearchGroup.comTV’s Dr. Oz has publicly endorsed colloidal silver usage…again, for the third time in […]

More Unusual Uses for Colloidal Silver: Part IV

Over the years I’ve reported on numerous unusual uses for colloidal silver.But the more you use colloidal silver, the more fascinating uses you find for it over and above its normal use as a powerful all-natural infection-fighting agent.In this short article we’ll examine 12 more uses for colloidal silver that are quite extraordinary. You’ll be […]

More Unusual Uses for Colloidal Silver: Part III

New and sometimes quite unusual ways to use colloidal silver as a germicide, household disinfectant, anti-inflammatory agent and all-around healing tool continue to crop up like clockwork.That’s largely because:a.) More and more people are now using colloidal silver than ever before, and…b.) People are now able to make their own high-quality colloidal silver at home […]

Even More Unusual Uses for Colloidal Silver

Millions of people use colloidal silver orally to help prevent or heal infection and disease. It has quite literally become known as “nature’s most powerful natural antibiotic.”Millions more use it topically, as well, to help heal cuts, scrapes and burns, and to help stop active topical infections dead in their tracks.But experienced colloidal silver users […]

12 Most Unusual Uses for Colloidal Silver

Over the years, literally thousands of people have written or called with testimonials about their successful usage of colloidal silver for a wide range of health issues.Many people have reported astonishing instances of healing serious illness or disease with colloidal silver. But sometimes I get some very unusual case reports involving the use of colloidal […]

Time Magazine Lauds Germ-Fighting Silver

It appears even Time magazine is finally catching up with the times (pun intended), having named the powerful infection-fighting qualities of antimicrobial silver as one of the “100 New Scientific Discoveries” of 2014.But are silver’s germ-fighting qualities really a “new” discovery? Not hardly. As any experienced colloidal silver user can attest, when used responsibly silver […]

What In the World Is Colloidal Silver Used For?

So you’ve heard about colloidal silver, and you’re wondering what in the world this stuff is actually used for.  Good.  That’s a great question.      And because you’re asking, I’m going to try to make it easy for you to discover the astonishing array of health conditions people use colloidal silver for by giving you links to […]