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New Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Manual

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Using Colloidal Silver Against Deadly Viral Infections

Using Colloidal Silver Against Deadly Viral Infections (E-Book) In this brand new 65-page e-book you'll learn how to using colloidal silver against colds, flu, and deadly viral infections. Inside, you’ll discover startling new medical research that reveals silver may well be your #1 defense against viruses. Indeed, newer clinical laboratory research demonstrates that silver is so powerfully effective against viruses, it even stops the deadly HIV (i.e., the AIDs virus) from infecting human cells! You’ll also learn about nearly three decades worth of solid medical research demonstrating colloidal silver’s powerful anti-viral qualities. What’s more, you’ll come to understand why colloidal silver is very likely your #1 best bet for all-natural, non-drug protection against deadly viral agents including: what size of the silver particles you’ll need to achieve such powerful anti-viral results…you’ll see multiple examples of scientific research and studies proving the effectiveness of colloidal silver against several different viruses…how to calculate dosages to help you heal from several different viral infections (including the flu)…and more!

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Colloidal Silver

The Colloidal Silver Secrets Video (DVD) Your one-hour “crash course” in making and using colloidal silver. In this full-color “how to” video presentation, TV personality Kirsten Burtt interviews Steve Barwick, author of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual, and asks the questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to about the powerful infection-fighting qualities of colloidal silver, and how to use it for maximum healing results. Learn how to use colloidal silver to heal a myriad of infections and diseases. Barwick even demonstrates how to make your own colloidal silver generator, and explains the differences between the three major types of colloidal silver generators. 

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Colloidal Silver Secrets Part II DVD

The Colloidal Silver Secrets Video Part II (DVD) Your brand new, full-color, 60-minute follow-up DVD to the Colloidal Silver Secrets Video above. It consists of Steve Barwick personally demonstrating twelve separate "how to" lessons on making and using colloidal silver, including: How to use colloidal silver in a nasal spray bottle to banish sinus infections and allergy problems for good...How to use colloidal silver in a Neti Pot to relieve sinus problems that are more stubborn than usual...How to make your own colloidal silver gel and colloidal silver soap in just minutes, using your homemade colloidal silver...How to prove – right in your kitchen – that the colloidal silver actually kills bacteria…How to heal infected boils with colloidal silver and a simple clay poultice…How to heal eye infections with colloidal silver, the quick, easy way...How to cure an earache with colloidal silver…How to make colloidal silver toothpaste in just minutes…and much, much more!

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What Drug Companies Wont Tell You About Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver: What the Drug Companies Don't Want You To Know (CD) – This is the original 60-minute audio-taped interview on CD, featuring Dr. Gary North interviewing Steve Barwick, author of The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual! Just plop it into your CD player and listen. In this eye-opening interview Dr. North peppers Steve Barwick with questions designed to help beginning colloidal silver users understand how powerful and effective colloidal silver really is. Barwick explains colloidal silver usage from A to Z, in simple, layman's language, as Dr. North pins him down with the hard questions you’ve probably always wanted to know the answers to, but didn’t know who to ask, including what the best kind of colloidal silver is…how to use colloidal silver topically, for external infections…how to use colloidal silver internally to heal infections and to make your own colloidal silver at home...and much, much more!

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Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Manual (Hard Copy) – Newly revised and updated to a whopping 547-pages, giving you encyclopedic knowledge of colloidal silver and the many ways to use it successfully. Over 40 chapters covering the infectious diseases colloidal silver has widely been used to treat…overviews of the most important clinical studies from the late 1800’s to the present day, which prove its astonishing effectiveness…two complete dosage chapters documenting how much to take and when for various infectious diseases…in-depth interviews with top colloidal silver experts…and much, much more. This is the book all top natural health practitioners buy when they want to learn how colloidal silver is used. The most in-depth guide to colloidal silver and it’s usage ever published. Written in plain, easy-to-understand language.

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Colloidal Silver and Cancer

Colloidal Silver and Cancer: A Surprising Look! (Hard Copy) – Newly updated with six additional chapters! This brand new 192-page softcover book brings you completely up-to-date on the use of colloidal silver as a powerfully effective nutritional adjunct to cancer. You’ll read overviews of 50 of the latest clinical studies demonstrating silver to be effective against over a dozen forms of cancer. Plus, you’ll read 20 real-life reports from people who claim to have successfully cured their cancers using colloidal silver, or who have used colloidal silver to dramatically improve their conditions. And you’ll read about an unusual medical investigational protocol for using colloidal silver against cancer, and the astonishing stories of healing involved.

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Colloidal Silver Success Stories

Real-Life Colloidal Silver Success Stories (Hard Copy)This is Steve Barwick's eye-opening 95-page soft-cover book featuring over 100 experienced colloidal silver users explaining their favorite ways to use colloidal silver and revealing their most profound colloidal silver success stories. You'll get specific colloidal silver dosage information and usage instructions for specific diseases such as MRSA infections, herpes infections, sore throats, eye infections, prostate infections, skin cancer, Candida yeast infections, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, infected cuts and burns, Poison Ivy, Swine Flu, sinus infections, infected boils, earaches, pet infections, viral infections, upper respiratory infections, low energy levels, diarrhea…PLUS, you'll learn how to use colloidal silver for allergies, infected abscesses, gum disease, tinnitus, arthritis, Pink Eye, facial rash, infected teeth and root canals, colitis, mononucleosis, toenail fungus, athlete's foot, bad breath, body odors, so-called “incurable” cancers such as renal carcinoma and others, urinary tract infections, catheter and Indiana Pouch infections, canker sores, insomnia, depression, dandruff, psoriasis, infectious peritonitis, antibiotic-resistant pneumonia, and yes, way more than I could list in such a short letter! And you'll not only learn what conditions to use it on, but exactly how to use it, the specific amounts to use, how long to use it, and much more!

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101 Uses for Colloidal Silver

101 Powerful Household Uses for Colloidal Silver (Hard Copy)This is Steve Barwick’s latest, in-depth 25-page guidebook detailing dozens upon dozens of little-known ways to use colloidal silver, both in the body as well as around the house in order to keep your household and your family infection-free 365 days a year. You’ll learn the top 12 ways to use colloidal silver to heal infectious illness and disease almost overnight…dozens of exciting new ways to stop bacteria, viruses and fungi from taking hold and spreading in your household…the 4 key areas of your home to focus on first and foremost (two of these may completely surprise you!)…the best ways to use colloidal silver in hot tubs and swimming pools…5 simple yet profoundly important things you should be using colloidal silver for in your bathrooms…7 crucial kitchen uses for stopping the spread of infectious microbes and preventing food poisoning…how to use colloidal silver to keep food from spoiling…using colloidal silver in the laundry…and much, much more!

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